Design Process Article

I’m happy to say that the character design from the class I took this spring turned out well. The CGMA interview team really liked the results and so they reached out to interview me about my process. I definitely feel like this piece was a step up from my other work.

Check out the article here.

Character Design Class WIP

Update on personal growth. I’ve been taking a CG Master Academy Class with Marco Nelor. As usual, I’m learning a lot and really trying to push my ability to explore designs and pose the character. Here are some of the explorations I’ve drawn in the class. Also, I’m excited to finally be using Blender to do some rough 3D models to help with figuring out props in 3D. This helped out when revising the pose on the shoulder armor. Hoping to keep using this technique in the future. Two more weeks to render and color this :)

Class is over!

I just finished my last concept for the architecture design class at CG Master Academy. I learned a ton over the last 8 weeks including adding photo bashing to the list of tools when making art. It really helps to speed up the process. My next goal is to sit down and learn Blender for gray boxing scenes to paint over. I have a bunch of experience in Maya, but I don’t really want to pay for the license. Hearing good things about Blender, so hopefully that process goes smoothly.

Architecture Design Class

Been busy with my main job and teaching my new graduate level digital painting class (I wrote the online course, yay me), but I wanted to share some work-in-progress pieces from a CGMA course that I’m taking for environment concept art. The class ends in 2 weeks. At that point in time I’m going to take what I’ve learned to polish up a few of the better concepts from the class to update my portfolio page. I’ve been practicing photobashing and using 3D models as guides a lot in this class as well as showing the exploration process more.

Long time, no post :)

Wow, so it's been about a half a year since posting.  Life update, my wife and I had a baby back in the beginning of May.  A lot of my time earlier this year has been spent wrapping up work stuff, prepping the nursery for the baby, and now bonding with our new son!

Here's some paintings that I forgot to post.  I'm also working on some freelance stuff, and will be updating my portfolio with a couple new images.  In addition to my main job and the freelancing stuff, I'm currently writing some digital painting curriculum for Academy of Art in San Francisco.

There's been so much going on in the past year between our trip around the world and now with our newest addition to the family.   It's been wonderful, however it's nice to get back into painting.

Character Design

I started a character design course on Schoolism as part of the supplemental education budget for work (yay free classes!).  The course is taught by Stephen Silver, and my hope is to get through it by end of February (fingers crossed). 

Here is the lesson one assignment: a wealthy entrepreneur in modern day London who is jolly and full of life. Short and heavy set, wearing a smoking jacket, bow tie, and monocle. 

The addition of accessories of bowler hat and umbrella were something I thought helped sell him as an Englishman.  The posing was really fun, and I focused the initial sketches understanding the body language/facial expressions.  The face is based on a conductor from a chorus my wife and I attended on Christmas Eve.

Inktober 2017

I completed my first Inktober :)  Tried to stick to a spoopy theme for them all in the spirit of Halloween.  Here they are...

I'm back!

It's been a long time since I've posted to this blog.  I just recently got back from travelling the world for 5 months.  check out my travel photos and sketches on Instagram @babypiecandraw

I'll be posting sketches on this blog soon.  Inktober is around the corner, and I'm going to do my best to complete it this year with a focus on a horror theme :)

World of Warcraft Art Prompt

A friend of mine gave me the idea to make something inspired by the Legion expansion called the Tomb of the Wardens.  I haven't played much WoW, but this was a fun piece to make.  There's a lot of taleneted artists to study that work at Blizzard, so that was a treat also.

Art Prompts

I've been doing some more quick art prompts in order to add some variety.  Beauty potion and poison apple :)


Here's a new character illustration that I just finished for a table top RPG that I'm playing currently with some coworkers.  The character is a travelling merchant turned vampire who mixes poisons and can cast illusion magic.  Hope you like it :)

More Sketches

Been busy working on a collaborative painting project outside of work (I'll be able to post that stuff soon), but thought I'd share a couple recent paintings I've done in my spare time.  The horror portrait is something that I'd like to make a series of in the near future :)

Hackathon Art

We had a hackathon at the company I'm working at during Thursday and Friday of last week.  Hackathons are free time for game developers to flex their creative muscles to come up with ideas to improve the current games or products.  As part of this, I painted the background and character for part of my work on Thursday.  Corgi monk and floating zen garden :)

VR Update

I start a new job on Monday, so I've been using this week off to crank out some concepts for the VR game.  More to come in the next few days.

New Personal Project

I've been experimenting with art styles for a new personal project with a programmer friend of mine.  The game is being developed for the Samsung Gear VR, and that's all I will say ;)


I'm working on a personal project with a couple friends, and am designing some Tamagotchi creatures.  I'm trying to work in a a more rendered style than recent projects.

Making the Art of Thrive 'n' Shine

It's finally finished!  This is a game that I had the privilege of being the art director for.  It took two and a half years to make, and the art team and I worked our butts off to get the game shipped.  Check out this behind-the-scenes look at making art for video games in an indie games studio!

Baby Mario!

I decided to try out a little bit different style and subject matter than I have been painting recently.  Some techniques went really well, and some I could improve on, but I really like the bright watercolor-like aesthetic...may have to experiment with this style more.

Also!  I have updated the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Portrait gallery and added a new gallery called Painting Drama.  Check it out by clicking on Work in the navigation :)

Holiday-Themed Sketch

A portrait of a coworker inspired by old school illustration like Normal Rockwell.  Hope everyone had a great holiday break!