Hey Class,

This demo will walk you through how to how to combine various normal mapping techniques onto a simple mesh.

Programs used: Maya 2016, ZBrush 4R7, Photoshop CS6, CrazyBump v1.2

IMPORTANT: There are a few steps completed before the video starts.  I will cover these steps with additional demos if I get enough requests.  Feel free to contact me if you found this demo helpful, and want more like it.  Thanks!

  1. Model a high poly mesh in Maya
  2. Model a low poly version and uv map it.
  3. Duplicate the uv-mapped low poly mesh, and prep it for ZBrush.
  4. Import the ZBrush-prepped mesh, and sculpt on it.
  5. Export normal, ambient occlusion, and cavity maps from ZBrush.
  6. Create additional maps in CrazyBump using photo reference and height maps.
  7. Combine all maps in Photoshop (covered in this video).

Click me to download free demo assets!