Thrive 'n' Shine is a personal finance adventure game that partners with a custom-made 3-week curriculum for students. The team spent 2 and a half years on this project, and are proud of the results.  Click the video below to check out the behind-the-scenes video on how the art was made!

My role on the project was art director/lead artist. This meant establishing the art style and pipeline within Unity, as well as hiring a team of three artists to scale up the art content.

One of the coolest parts of this project is that I had the chance to receive formal mentorship in art direction and ux/ui design at Zynga and Idean.  Using this knowledge, I re-designed our studio practices to be more user-focused.

Last, I had a large role in establishing the visual marketing, including the log and trailer, as well as how to integrate in-game branding from sponsors.


Click the thumbnails below to see full screen versions.