I have worked in the gaming industry since 2009 in the San Francisco Bay Area. The skills I enjoy most are concept design and illustration, and have professional experience doing almost anything in the art pipeline. Currently I'm a senior artist at Lumosity, and an adjunct proefessor at the Academy of Art University in their game development department.  I enjoy the daily challenge of creating art for games while mentoring artists.

Skills: visual development, concept design, ux/ui design, 2D and 3D game asset production, animation and vfx, illustration, logo design, storyboarding, video and sound editing, advertising and creative marketing, art outsourcing manager, audio director, and art director.

Software: Photoshop, Flash, Maya, ZBrush , Unity, NGUI, TK2D, CrazyBump, Quixel Suite, After Effects, Premiere, and Audacity.



Brendan Milos
San Francisco, CA

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